Video Game Wizards has been a part of the Portland community since 1991. In 2005, Dominic and Lacy purchased the business with blind faith in hopes of bringing it back to life with a fresh feel. Both Nick and Lacy had been customers of VGW since childhood, and couldn’t bare to see the shop turned into anything else but a family friendly local shop.

Considered “My Game Store” by many, VGW has strived to provide the best customer service, fair trade-in & cash values, respect and consideration for their customers, and competitive sale prices.

First thoughts when walking into VGW, the shop is small, tight, and full of every video game console software you can think of. From retro Atari and Nintendo to XBOX ONE and PS4, you’ll find it all. If we don’t have it in stock, our staff is usually very happy to help you track it down or order it in for you!

Family owned and operated, VGW is small, but growing. With 3 Oregon locations (Portland, Silverton, and Molalla). We believe in offering the best local experience and that is why we have made the decision not to expand too quickly. We want to ensure you, our customers and friends, receive the same great experience at each location. A lot of time goes into ensuring our staff loves their time here and therefore your experience with VGW will be pleasant.

We have come to realize that with a lot of our customers traveling in and visiting year after year from all over the country, we would like to offer the same service to them on a regular basis. Which leads us to the opening of our new online store!

Video Game Wizards has also been a large supporter of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Since it began in 2006, we have been there to watch it grow into the amazing show you all love at look forward to!

Every store policy and business decision is always made with consideration to the average family gamer, movie guru, or avid minty collector. So come on in and check out our rapidly changing inventory, but be prepared, you might find yourself getting lost in the treasures! So set aside some time to explore!

At Video Game Wizards, we proudly carry a wide range of video games, gaming systems, movies, electronics, and more! Including:

• Pong
• Atari 2600
• Atari 5200
• Mattel Intellivision
• Vectrex
• ColecoVision

• Atari 7800
• Nintendo (NES)
• Neo Geo
• Sega Master System
• Sega Genesis
• Super Nintendo
• TurboGrafx-16

• TurboGrafx-CD
• Sega CD
• Sega Saturn
• Atari Jaguar
• Neo Geo CD
• Sony PlayStation
• Nintendo 64

• Sega Dreamcast
• Sony PlayStation 2
• Sony PlayStation 3
• Sony PlayStation 4
• Nintendo Gamecube
• Nintendo Wii
• Nintendo Wii U
• Xbox
• Xbox 360
• Xbox One

• Mattel LED Games
• Milton Bradley Microvision
• Tabletop VFD Games
• LCD Handhelds
• Nintendo Game Boy
• Atari Lynx
• Sega Game Gear
• Nintendo Virtual Boy
• Nintendo DS
• Sony PSP

Video Game Wizards currently has 2 Oregon locations!

6432 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 771-6440

125 E Main Street
Molalla, OR 97038
(503) 788-8630

Video Game Wizards is family-owned and family-friendly! Our people are passionate for gaming and enthusiastic to share knowledge and make recommendations. Regardless of your experience level, we’re here to help! We take great pride in assisting collectors with tracking down elusive and hard to find items. However, if you’re new to gaming, or looking to build a collection, we’re delighted to tell you about the games we’ve played and the games we love. So whether you’re shopping for the latest hit or looking for something rare, your quest is our quest at Video Game Wizards!

At Video Game Wizards, we believe in maintaining a positive atmosphere that excludes no one. We embrace all aspects and all eras of the gaming industry. We celebrate the history of video games while anxiously looking forward to the next revolution. We value the classic as much as the cutting edge.