Curbside Pickups


As we continue to evolve in our response to the threat of COVID-19, our goal is to do everything we can to protect our staff and their families as well as each of our fantastic customers. This means thinking of innovative ways to limit the number of surface interactions as this seems to be one of the main ways COVID-19 is spread based on the information currently available. As part of this effort, we are introducing CURBSIDE PICK-UP AND ONLINE ORDERING for both our Oregon local and US customers.


Basically, we are all going to be stuck in our homes for a long time, parents and kids alike. We totally understand if you need to pick up a game or get a disc buffed for a game night to beat the boredom of the quarantine. But we also understand the need to practice extreme social distancing when members of your household are at risk. This is massively important to us as well as securing jobs and health care for our employees during this time of quarantine. So we have gotten creative while also being SAFE!

We are testing out a brand new system to our store that will let you place orders and/or requests online, either drive to our store where a VGW staff member will deliver to your car door, or we can ship it to your home. On top of that, we’ll disinfect the items and maintain our store sanitary standards (gloves, no face touching, staff will not come to work sick, and we heavily sanitize daily).


We want to be as upfront as possible about this: we’ve never tried something like this before and there will probably be some kinks. We are going to need your help — both in the form of patience and feedback — to make this work. We’re all in this together and doing the best we can because the Retro Gaming Scene in Portland is AWESOME! For now, here’s the process:

  • If there’s an item you’re looking for that isn’t listed in our online inventory, let us know using the form on our CONTACT page.
  • Be sure to include (a) Your first and last name (b) the game, accessory, or console you are looking for, and (c) (if needed) the console for which you are looking (e.g. Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360).
  • We will respond about whether or not the item is in stock and then make arrangements to either send an invoice so the pick up process is as quick and seamless as possible (recommended), or you can pay upon pick up. Once we receive confirmation the invoice has been processed, we will prepare your order. This normally takes less than an hour. You will then be notified via email that your order is ready!
  • At your convenience, head down to the store your order is being held at. Once you are at our store location, just give us a call to let us know which car is yours and we’ll run it out to you!
  • While we are working to ensure convenience and availability for all our customers, we strongly recommend utilizing our free first class shipping. What kind of items fit into first class shipping? Approximately 4 games that come in a DVD type box, NES cartridges, controllers, game accessory cords, and more. For items larger than 16oz, local USPS shipping costs will be added to your order.


To stay updated, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. The best way to reach us directly (as we cannot guarantee we will be open our normal hours) is to use the form on our CONTACT page.

*These plans are subject to change daily as new information about COVID-19 becomes available. We will continue to monitor Local and Federal health recommendations and update our response as needed.